Saturday, November 28, 2020

Cooking Simplified with... Tefal Ultimate AirFryer

During the Conditional Movement Control (CMO) period, the kids and I have been staying home for months, rotating between work from home and work from office, I have struggled to keeping track of my work / meeting while making dinner for the family.

Tefal ultimate airfryer has been a real time saver, together with the multipurpose cooker (which I will save fo another day). I have been cooking wonders with my airfryer and it is truly a time saver! The module I've got can caters for 1.2L of food, perfect for cooking for a medium family with 7 persons.

Let's share some of the simplest recipes with the airfryer

Savory Grilled Salmon

Cooking: Select fish mode. 180c for 12 minutes (6min each sides). Spray some oil at the bottom for crunchier skin.

Grill Chick Drumstick & Wings

Cooking: Select chicken mode or 180c for 18 minutes (9min each sides). 


Teriyaki Chicken Chop 

Cooking: Select chicken mode or 180c for 18 minutes (9min each sides). 

Crispy BBQ Pork


Wrap all 4 sides of the marinated pork belly with aluminium foil, sprinkle with rock salt on top of the skin and cook @ 200c for 20 minutes. Then remove the salt on top of the skin, 160c for another 15 min.

Fish & Chips & Wedges

Cooking: Select fish mode or 180c for 20 minutes (10min each sides). 


Grilled Fish

Crispy Puff Pastries

Cooking: Select snack mode or 160c for 12 minutes (6min each sides). 

Simple Roast Nuts

We frequently roast our almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts etc, but we did not keep a single piece of pictures of them. LOL. But really, just 150c for 18-20 minutes (10min each sides). You have some really nice aromatic nuts.

The list really goes on and on and I think we still have more to explore...

Above all, what I love most about the airfryer is it makes my life so so much easier with the reduced washing - no more messy oily kitchen top, or standing anxiously to watch over the food to ensure no over-cooking.

Wish to have one? You can get your own airfryer online here ;)