Friday, June 12, 2015

Best Homemade Roast Pork Belly Char Siew! 秘制叉烧

When I first started this blog,  it was with a simple mission - to share baby friendly recipes with my friends. I did not expect it will grow to over 1000 fans on Facebook and attracted over 230,000 visitors to this site. I'm humbly thankful.

To show my appreciation, I'm sharing this Best Homemade Char Siew, a family recipe as taught by my mother in law, who is truly a great chef!  I also included the special hot sauce recipe as taught by my late mom, and they are simply perfect match..

Preparing time: 25 minutes
Cooking time: 45 minutes

This recipe makes 3 slices of roasted pork belly. 

A) Ingredients
3 blocks of pork bellies, about 30cm each. 3层肉,中段,大概30公分
Sea salt 1/2 bs per meat 海盐 半大匙
White pepper few dashes 白糊椒 适量
Cinnamon powder few dashes桂末粉 适量

B) Marinate Sauce 
Dark soy sauce x 1 tablespoon 黑浆油 一大匙
Soya sauce x 2 tablespoon 生抽 两大匙
Shao yin wine x 2 tablespoon 绍兴酒 两大匙
Sesame sauce x 2 tablespoon 芝麻浆 两大匙
Sugar x 2 tablespoon 糖 两大匙

C) Chili dipping sauce 辣椒酱
5 large Red chili 红辣椒5瓣
3 small chili padi (only if like it extra spicy) 小辣椒3瓣 (不嗜辣的话,可免)
1 whole Garlic, removed skin 蒜头一棵
3 lime, juiced 酸甘3粒
1 teaspoon rice vinegar 白醋一茶匙
1 thumb young ginger  嫩姜拇指般大
1 teaspoon sugar 一茶匙糖
1 tablespoon Thai chili sauce or Maggie chili sauce 一茶匙泰国/美极辣椒酱 

The Making:

1. Rub seasoning in A) over meat evenly in listed sequence 把调味料A)依序均匀搽在猪肉上。

2. Mix ingredient B) in a sauce bowl and stir evenly. Rub all over the meat using your hand. 用一个小碗,把材料B混均,搽在猪肉上。

3. Wrap the meat with polyester foam and keep refrigerated for 3 hour.把腌好的猪肉用保鲜纸包着,放在冰箱里三小时以入味。

4. Cook in oven/broiler at 245°c / 475°f. Ensure rest the meat on a rack to let the oil drip from the meat as it cooks. Cook for 30 min on top then turn the meat over, cook for another 15 min. Place a sauce plate beneath the grill pork to collect the dripped gravy. 把炉火预热到摄氏245度,猪肉烤半个钟头后,反过来继续烤15分钟左右即可。在下方放一个盘子以收集烤肉汁。

5. To make the sauce, just add all ingredient C) together and blend till fine. Good to keep for a month as the added chili sauce contains preservative. 把辣椒酱料C)混在一起用果汁机打碎即可,可以收藏一个月左右(记得要收在冰箱!)

6. Once the meat is ready, removed from oven immediately and let it cold.

7. For the Char Siew sauce, drip away all the oil and add hot water to mix to remaining of the meat gravy. Keep aside to use as meat gravy. 

Char Siew is best serve with a plate of steaming white rice, simply satisfying! 

香喷喷的叉烧送 热腾腾的白饭,人生一大乐!