Friday, March 22, 2013

Steamed Egg with Milk and Banana 香蕉牛奶炖蛋

I was in the mood for dessert tonight, since I was given order by doc to stay home for few days, homemade dessert is the best option I had right now.

So I checked up the fridge, found some milk, eggs and bananas... Just the right ingredient I need for making some steamed custard!

So I referred to my favorite Christine's website and made this banana egg milk custard. It's so easy that it only takes 15min from scratch.

Seen here, the ingredient - 250ml fresh milk, 2 eggs and 2 table spoon of sugar (and 1 banana not in pic). I reduced the sugar instead of 30gm as suggested.

Subsequently I used only 1 table spoon of organic raw sugar, it tasted nice and smooth too. So moving forward I'll opt to use brown sugar or organic raw sugar only for better health benefit.

The egg mixture and the sliced bananas. I whisked the eggs vigorously using a fork then add milk & sugar, only took a good 30 seconds or so.

I used this sift to filter the bubbles in order to achieve the super smooth texture. Pour slowly to avoid overflow and lightly press with a spoon if need to (optional)

Put on the cover (or use a plate instead) onto each bowl and they are ready to enter the steamer. Make sure the water is boiling before you put them into steamer, starts timer right after you close the lid. As seem here, I used a Wok to do the steaming.

Ta da, my super smooth egg milk custard is ready after 12 minutes of steaming (you have to open lid every 4 minutes to let the steam escape, this is the key to ensure a smooth texture).

This is the original version for my big guy.

The banana version for my 15 months old (even lowered sugar content). The steamed banana is so sweet and soft, there's no fear of chocking at all.

It's yummy when serve hot, can taste the freshness of milk and egg in each bite.. I kept a bowl in the fridge for tomorrow cold dessert for my little boy since he liked it so much, I'm pretty certain that it will taste even nicer! :)

You may refer to Christine's original website here for the methods. I follow exactly except for reduction of sugar and addition of the bananas.

Want some Variety?

  • Subsequently I made a Pumpkin Steamed Egg with Milk, tasted really nice, highly recommend you to give it a try!

  • Other substitutes you can used instead of banana or pumpkin: Broccoli stems, asparagus, fresh orange, sweet potato, peaches, button mushrooms. When I have the chance to try them will post the update.

  • What milk? Some asked. I used Pura Australia fresh milk here, however I believe breastmilk will work as well. If any breastfeeding moms had tried using BM to make this dessert, please do share with us here and I'll most certainly upload the photo to share with others!

  • Do take note that....
    Some infant may be allergic to egg (especially egg white), so it is not recommended to serve egg to little ones under 1 year old. Watch out for allergic reaction such as rashes or itchiness if this is the first time you are offering egg based food to your little ones.


    1. Wow !! I didn't know that Steamed Egg can be combine with milk and others as well ! Cant wait to try it :)

      1. If you are making for yourself / adult, can put some sugar to make it taste nicer ;) hope you like it!

    2. Sugar is sugar. There are no "health benefits"!

      1. Hi No-name, Do read up on the different types of sugars and their processing methods if you have the time.

    3. Hi Mummy can I dont put sugar since banana is already sweet?

      1. Hi.. A little of brown sugar does makes it tastier, I have not tried making this totally without sugar, but if you are serving for younger baby then could give it a try.