Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Meals 开心营养餐

I love happy meals that are healthy and pretty to the eyes. They are the weekend treats I made for my Captain E & Princess C, I thought it's an healthier option than bringing them to the McD happy meals. Homemade happy meals are fun to make (especially when little ones participate in the making) and needless to say, way healthier as I can be assured there is no junk used.

Here are different series of happy meals that I have made in the past few months. Click on the title to link to the respective post. Hope you get some inspirations from here & do visit this page often for latest updates! :)

Real Happy Meals: The Original

Happy Meals for Happy Tots

Real Happy Meals: Little Animals See the World

Happy Food Face Series

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Colorful Handmade Flat Noodles 手工蔬菜面条

Baby Claire is starting to get more adventurous with her food nowadays that she always want to eat our food when dining on the same table. As she has 8 teeth now and I can see another 2 more teeth coming out (and how she loves to chew my finger, ouch!), I have been introducing her to more staple food, like bread, Pao, noodles, pasta, cheese crackers, cereal etc, with principle of no or less salt, no sugar, no MSG, no artificial flavoring and no processed food where possible.

When I saw one lady posted a picture of the homemade noodles she made for her daughter on a Facebook group, I was instantly captivated and thought I can make the same for my baby too! Since there is no detail on measurements given, I decided to give it a try by making my own homemade noodles.

Look what I've made here.

Beautiful mixture of spinach noodles (dark green), pumpkin noodles (yellow), tomato noodles (pink) and red cabbage noodles (purple).

My duo absolutely loved their 4-colors noodles in anchovies soup.

Little Ethan had his with shredded cheese. He was so fascinated by the colors that he kept asking me what veggie I used. He went grocery shopping with me and I used this chance to teach him the various type of vegetables.

Baby Claire had hers cut into small bits. she was so fond of her noodles that she kept asking for more, so eventually I top up some from her (which was supposed to be my portion!)

Ready to make some yummy homemade noodles for your little ones? Lets read on.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chinese New Year Cookies Special

Since CNY is only a week away, I decided to bake some cookies to treat the guests who come to visit. As I have ordered some store made cookies I intend to bake a small volume this time. Using the easy butter cookies recipe, I managed to bake 3 different types of cookies with same dough base. Easy method for busy moms who love to bake :)

Cookies in A Jar. I made 1.5 jars of these using the same recipe.

The first tray of cookies waiting to enter the oven.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
I added 2 table spoons of cocoa powder into 1/2 of the dough and sprinkled a palmful of chocolate chips into the dough before mixing it well, freeze then cut.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Treasure Island Dinner

Tonight I'm only cooking for 3, so nothing elaborate, just a really simple 1 dish dinner.

In order to make it interesting, I made some arrangement to the presentation and named it Treasure Island. My little boy was so into it that he declared he's going to eat up all the treasure. And he surely did. :)

He said it was "doubly nice", and gave me a thumb up. Lol.

Honestly, it's just normal rice with stir fried vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage) and punter fish, with some scrambled eggs, but the presentation certainly gave it some extra points. ;)

How to prepare? You may refer to the previous post on the Rainbow Rice recipe.


After. A bowlful of goodness.

Mommy had a delicious treasure island too :)

Happy dining!