Sunday, July 24, 2016

Honey Orange Roast Ribs 蜜汁烤排骨

Althought I'm not a big fan of BBQ food, I have always like barbecue ribs; juicy, aromatic pork ribs... I could never resist. As I was craving for it badly last night (and I've no idea why), I decided to make some roast ribs for lunch, plus some drumsticks which are the kiddos' absolute favorite.

So we had double roast for lunch today - honey garlic roast drumsticks and orange honey roast pork ribs, served with a big plate of mixed fruit salad.

My juicy rib... nom-nom

Paired with tangy fruit salad, less guilt.. ;-)

Serving size: for 2-4 person
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Roasting time: 45 minutes

• 1/2 dozen pork ribs, cleaned

For Marinate
• a pinch of salt  
• a dash of pepper 
• a pinch of brown sugar 
• 2 tablespoon of premium soy sauce
• 1 tablespoon Shao Xin wine
• 1/4 Orange, squeezed.

• a tablespoon of honey for brushing
• extra basil leaves for garnishing

The Making:

1. Rub the ribs with salt and pepper, add in the rest of the marinate and mix well. Keep refrigerated for at least 30 minutes, turn the ribs occasionally to make sure they absorb the marinate thoroughly.

2. Preheat oven to 180°c, roast the ribs in a non-stick tray for 25 minutes.

3. Remove ribs from oven, turn to the other side and brush generously with honey, then pour the orange juice all over the ribs.
4. Continue roasting for another 15-20 minutes until the ribs turn golden brown. Your kitchen will be filled with such irresistible aroma by now. 

That's it, your juicy roast ribs are done. When serving, don't forget to pour the remaining gravy in the tray over the ribs, they are absolutely delicious. 


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Homemade Fishball and Fish Paste Rolls 手工鱼丸+鱼滑腐竹卷

This is one dish that I have attempted few times but without much success - it always turned out too soft or soggy, and once the texture was like taufu. >.<

Finally, I got it right after a very important tip that my mom in law shared with me... and this time, my fish balls turned out really nice! Chewy and fresh, absolutely no addictive and all natural. 


尝试了几次自己打鱼滑不成功后(不是太软就是像豆腐一样太散),总于下定决心请教了家婆(因为看到那菜市的胶鱼实在是太新鲜了!),得知自己原来一直以来忽略了一个好重要的步骤… 这次终于幸不辱命,鱼丸鱼滑腐竹卷成功完成,还很好吃呢!

The fish paste beancurd rolls was a big hit with the kids, I should have made more instead of just 3 slices..

Serving size: 20 fish balls & 3 rolls
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 25 minutes

• 2 medium size markarel fish about 400gm each 中型马鲛鱼两只共800克
• 1-2 teaspoon salt (adjust accordingly) 盐一至二茶匙(依照喜好调整)
• 1 tablespoon corn flour 黍粉一大匙
• 1 rice bowl ice water + 1 teaspoon salt* 冷水一碗,加一茶匙盐
• 3 raw beancurd sheets 生腐竹三片
• 3/4 tablespoon bean paste (I used Fairy brand, 仙女牌豆酱3/4大匙)

Important 要诀...
* ice water and corn flour are actually the key ingredients for a firm texture. Make sure you add few ice into the water. 秘诀来咯…那就是一定要用冷水和黍粉!这两个食材是不用添加物也可让鱼滑有弹性的关键。

The Making:

1. Clean the fish, rub salt all over the flesh. 拭干鱼肉,用手心把盐均匀抹上。

2. Scrap the flesh off the bone using a metal spoon (from tail to head direction). Collect the flesh in a big bowl, sprinkle with a teaspoon of salt and pepper to season. 用不锈钢汤匙,把鱼肉从尾到头刮下。鱼若是新鲜的话应该可以很轻易的刮下。把鱼肉集合在一个大碗里,加入盐和胡椒粉调味。

3. Mix a bowl of ice water (normal rice bowl size), dilute a teaspoon of salt in there. Keep adding scope of ice water over the fish paste and mixing in clock-wise direction until it is all well mixed and turns into paste form. Add the corn flour gradually, it helps to give a firmer texture to the fish paste. 在一个小饭碗里置入冰水(或加冰块),和一匙的蜀粉混合后。用汤匙把鱼肉往同一方向搅拌一边徐徐倒入冷水。直到鱼肉起胶,成粘稠状后即可以了。

4. Cover the fish paste with a cling film, keep them refrigerated for about 30 minutes. 把鱼滑用保鲜纸盖着,放在冰箱里冷却约三十分种左右。

5. Prepare a pot of anchovies fish stock, once the soup is boiling, add the fish paste (shape them individually  with a metal spoon) and let boil for about 3 minutes, or until the fish balls float in the soup (which indicates they are cooked). Scope them out and serve hot. 烧热一锅将鱼仔汤,水滚后加入鱼丸,煮约三分钟或看到鱼丸浮在水面即可。

For Fish Paste Beancurd Rolls 鱼滑腐竹卷

6. Lay out the beancurd sheet flat, scope fish paste and spread the rest out evenly over the sheet. 把腐竹片放平,用汤匙把鱼肉平铺在腐竹片上。鱼肉要薄要厚由的你咯,我就爱我的鱼肉满满的,一口咬下去超有满足感!

7. Using your fingers, carefully roll the sheet into a long cylindrical shape. 用手指把腐竹片卷成筒状。

8. Heat up 1 table spoon of cooking oil in a pan, cook the roll for about 3 minutes on each side or until golden brown. Add a cup of water and 3/4 tablespoon of bean paste (this is quite salty, do not over use!). Close the cover and let it simmer for about 3 minutes. If the sauce gets too thick or salty, add a bit more water. 在平底锅中烧热一大匙的油,把腐竹卷双面煎约三分钟(或呈金黄色)。加入3/4汤匙的豆酱和一碗水,盖上锅盖慢火煮约三分钟即可。如果酱汁太浓或太咸的话,可加入一点水调稀。

That's it, your fish paste beancurd rolls is done! Just cut it into thick slices and serve with noodles or rice, either way the kiddos love them. Enjoy.. ;-)

Tips to know 小叮咛...
When selecting fish, you may request the fishmonger to debone to safe some time.
If you can't find markerel fish, can go for white fish too. Do mention to the fish monger the fish is for making fish paste so he/she can suggest the correct fist.