Baby Early Food 婴儿初食

Are you first time parent with young baby? Experienced parent looking for new ideas on baby food? Well, I can understand the uncertainties many parents faced as I too, was once uncertain on what to offer my first born. After numerous explorations, readings and researches, I am happy to share some easy tested recipes here.

This page is a compilation of food that is suitable for baby between 6 months to 1 year old, however as each baby may have different development progress, do observe your baby's readiness before introducing the new food. Besides, whenever new food is introduced for the first time, do practice the 3 days rule to ensure  your baby does not have any allergy reaction to the new food before introducing the next one.

I was brought up in traditional Chinese family since young, however I love western, French, Japanese food and in fact international cuisine in my growing up age, hence I keep an open mind when preparing food for my little ones.

In general, these are my rule of thumbs when it comes to baby food:

  • Put priority on food that is locally produced due to freshness and as an effort to support local community
  • Use fresh, organic ingredients whenever possible
  • Offer variety of food to my little ones to avoid becoming picky eaters
  • Offer food in variety of colors as they carry different nutrition
  • Use natural flavoring as much as possible 

Before Your Begin the Feeding Journey..

What to prepare when your little precious is ready for solid for the first time? Don't get over excited and buy the latest or fanciest looking products in the baby stores, have a read on what is really required before you burn a hole in your wallet.

6 - 8 Months

The toothless fella is putting the taste bud to trial for the first time, so let's start the little one on something soft, natural and nutritious. Being tasty and flavourful is not the key at this stage, as you would not want to over burden the body with any additives (salt, sugar, MSG, packed sauces are not encouraged)
Baby Cereal & Puree

Homemade Anchovies Powder

Note: while this may be suitable for young infant, I introduced it only from 8 months onward, as I gave priority to introduce all the fresh vegetables or fruits puree before proceeding to meat and fish.

8 Months Onward to 1 Year Old - Meals

Now that their little front teeth may have sprouted and ready for something more solid, you may offer much more variety. But I would still recommend to stick to natural and non-addictive added food. Let them learn to appreciate and enjoy their food the most basic way.

2nd Stage - No Fuss Baby Porridge
Healthy Homemade Noodles
* this can be Egg-less or with Eggs
Organic Alphabet Pasta with Steamed Cod Fish
Alphabet Pasta with Homemade Tomato Puree

8 Months Onward - Desserts & Snacks

Crunchy Cheese Crackers
*requires cheese

1 Year Old Onward - Food, Desserts & Snacks

Steamed Egg with Milk and Banana / Pumpkin
*requires eggs 

Crepe! Crepe! Crepe!

 Mini Pancakes
*requires eggs

2 Years Onward?  

Practically any recipe on my blog is ready for 2 - 3 years onward, so just browse freely now. But these are some of the absolute favourite for my duo. NEVER FAIL to finish these food.

Crunchy Popcorn Chicken

Other Recommended Reading

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The recipes shared on this site are only meant to be used as reference only. Always consult with your pediatrician regarding introducing solid foods to your little one and specifically discuss any foods that may pose allergy risks for your baby.

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