Friday, April 29, 2016

Lunchboxes for the Pre-Schooler, Part 2

Entering second month of my lunchbox making for the kiddo, some how have new inspirations this round and created more varieties. I am going simpler and making more meals that can pre-make, such as origini (rice balls) and sandwiches, and still healthy none-the-less.

You may refer to the previous post for more idea & tricks to prepare quick and healthy lunchbox ;) Lunch box under 30 minutes - for the busy moms

Rice, Onigiri & Congee

Sandwiches, Burgers & Nuggets

On the lighter side, some simple bites.

My little boy really loves the mommy-made bento, I guess his happy face and healthy growth are the key motivations for me. 

Hope you get some inspirations from this post too, please do feel free to share with me and the rest of the readers your bento ideas too! ;-)