Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kiddie Snack Box 简易小孩便当

My little boy started preschool slightly past 2 years old, it's only a 3 hour session and the school usually serve hot drink and warm meal during break time, so instead of lunch, I usually let him bring a snack box to school, or whenever he attends a field trip organized by the school.

I bought lunch boxes of different sizes and some silicon cupcake holders, this allow me to arrange various food in the lunch box without being all mixed up.

Whenever possible, I'll prepare mixture of snacks with carbohydrate for energy, fiber from fruits or dried fruits to for vitamins and smoother bowel movement. Days where I have limited time, I will just pack him a simple fruit jam sandwich, tuna bun, chicken floss or hotdog bun (bought from store), with a packet of full cream milk for kids. I won't go over elaborative on the snack box prep, so long he's happy and healthy, I'm happy too. :)

I'll be updating this post from time to time, so do revisit sometimes :)

Snack box #1
Nutella sandwich with freshly steamed sweet corns in a cup (about 1/4 corn). I attached a finger spoon for easy eating.

Snack box #2
Pitted Prunes, cocoa flavored Panda biscuits, marshmallows, Wholemeal honey oat cereal.
A fresh apple not in pic.

Snack box #3
Hotdog in A Blanket (cheesy sausage in wrap), organic raisins with a bunny pick. He loved this and kept asking for more the next day. :) Recipe available here.

Snack box #4
Pitted Prunes, Nutella banana toast, almond cookies. Same method as the Hotdog in a Blanket, just replaced sausage with banana and use normal sandwich bread instead of wrap.

Snack box #5
Blueberry jam sandwich bread in heart & star shape, organic raisins and dried cranberries, cheesy fish cookies.

Snack box #6
Organic Raisins with roasted pumpkins, cheesy fish biscuits, fresh apples.

Snack box #7
Fresh seedless grapes and cut organic prunes for my baby girl, the cute animal picks served as food pick, conveniently. I pack her daily healthy snack to avoid others from offering unhealthy junks!

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