Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Cookies!

Christmas is approaching, and I thought  we can make some nicely decorated cookies this time. So I research for the different varieties of cookie and decorative icing techniques, then got myself started. Of course, my little chef was not left out, how he looked forward to baking the cookies with me! :)

First time making cookie decoration with royal icing and it turned out... alright. Not glazing smooth and beautiful as I hope they would be, definitely far from professionally decorated ones, but for first timer I can accept this outcome. *self comforting*

A gingerbread man, a golden star and a Christmas tree. 3 classic designs for Christmas.

Took me about 1.5 hour to decorate all these little yummies. It was fun, felt as if I was attending art class back in my school time again, only that the coloring material is fully edible. My handsome and I both licked some icing off our fingers, delish!

Here are the 1st batch of decorative cookies we completed. Kept them completely dry out for an hour before storing them in the fridge. A few ugly ones were excluded from the picture, well, my flooding technique went rather disastrous so pardon me with the ugly golden stars..

The base cookies baked the night before, seriously they taste great just eaten as is. Crunchy and buttery. So glad I found this recipe from Bake At 350. Bridget is really talented in cookie decoration and I must say this is the BEST cookie recipe I have tried so far!

These are the cookies decorated with white piping to outline the shape, letting it cool for an hour before we continue with the remaining. They looked quite neat but i wanted something colorful for the holiday feel. Noticed one with broken arm? I have to be more careful next time in handling cookies. *bash*

My little chef was so excited to help up with cookie baking and decorating them. Looking good in his new personal Christmas apron made by mommy, personalised with his name in flying upward manner as he requested.

The batter and the tools I used for baking. Nothing fancy, really. One thing I like about this recipe is that it is really simple and I can cut the dough using the cookie mould without having to pre-chill it. A real time saver.

The homemade royal icing, first time ever attempted and I'm glad it's a success! The color is off white as I added some vanilla essence which tainted it.

I'm going to bring some of these for the Christmas party at my office, and make another fresh batch for later celebration at home. The recipe is enough to make about 40+ medium size cookies and the dough can be chilled for baking later.

Can't wait to give this a try too? Check out the recipe for sugar cookies here. Perfect is my only comment for this recipe. She has the royal icing tutorial too, very informative tips shared.

If you made decorated royal icing cookies too, do share the picture of the cookies you made, will you? *wishful thinking*

Till later, happy holiday!

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