Monday, January 13, 2014

Cloudette and Star Cookies, Fit for a Junior Pilot!

First post for 2014, finally. :)

I am some what fascinated with cookies decoration these days. Not that I am good at it, nor I have sweet tooth, but I adore pretty cookies with a message underneath.

Like these Cloudette cookies with a smile. It's here to put a smile on your face.

Or these Star Cookies with Captain E's initial. It's a statement of pride for my little Captain. The little stars are for pure munching pleasure.

Or, put them on a lolli stick and you've got a cookie pop ready to shine!

I opted for plain cookie outline this time, instead of flooding them with icing, for simplicity and lesser sugar consumption.. hence less (sugar) = more (healthy).

I used these cake decorating tool and cookie containers that I bought from the local bakery store recently, cheap and handy. Easy to wash and can be reused over and over. If you bake often,do visit a trusted bakery supplies store to get all your gears and ingredients instead of super market, they are usually cheaper and more wider selections. 

That's it, easy peasy cookie decorating fit for beginner.
Cookie decoration, fit for a pilot!
Now these are great addition for my little Captain E's airplane party!

I really love the Perfect every time cookie recipe shared by Bridget from bake at 350. If you have not tried this yet, head over to her site and check this out. You will be amazed to see that cookie decoration is not that difficult after all. It's just a crafty affair.

Happy baking!

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