Sunday, June 22, 2014

{Homecook} Just another Simple Luncheon

Today is just another day of simple homecook food for a lay-back lunch, mostly veggies as you can see, with some chicken fillets and seeds for a balanced nutrition intake. A healthy meal such as this only cost us no more than RM20 and less than an hour to prepare.

I like to things in order, so I got all ingredients nicely prepared before I started cooking. 

Beans & Fingers
Just simple stir fried with olive oil. Lady fingers are good for bowel movement. I don't have a recipe for this, but the cooking is similar for this crunchy veggie dish.

Cherry Tomato Omelette
Added some lotus seeds for a twist of taste and natural source of protein and magnesium. This is a dish that is also high in antioxidant thanks to the cherry tomatoes. Recipe available here.

Cabbage with Glass noodles
One of my little ones' favorite, the glass noodles. Just soak it in water for about a minute and add it into the wok after the carrots and bell peppers starting to get soften. 

Simple hearthy meal for the family, the way we like it. Little ones emptied their plate joyfully and we don't have to sweat driving out to the mall to join the weekend crowds.

Just a Tip..
After each dish is done I will wash up dishes immediately while waiting for the oil to heat up for next dish, so I don't have a whole sink of dirty dishes to wash after cooking, which I really really dislike. If you are lucky enough to have a dish washer at home, good for you.... ;)

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