Sunday, August 31, 2014

Homemade Jelly Mooncake, Healthier alternative this Mid Autume 手工月饼 果冻,迎中秋!

It's Mid Autume festival again, and this time we are having a family reunion back in my hometown. As the kids and I love cold jelly and they really liked the B&W soy pudding I made last weekend, I thought I could just make some jelly mooncakes using the same method.

I was right, it's a success. The traditional mould I used scored bonus points too :)

Look at the beautiful Jade Mooncakes, made of soy milk and pandan extracts. 


Kiwi Jelly Mooncake with pretty fish shape. 奇异果月饼冻,微酸但卖相极佳。

Ready for delivery. 

Orange and Blackcurrent Jelly mooncake. 橙汁黑加仑紫味,养颜。

The making in 6 simple steps:

Preparation Time: 5 min
Cooking Time: 20 min
Serving for: 4 standard mooncake / 8 mini mooncakes 

25gm instant jelly powder 啫喱粉 25克
500ml sweetened soy milk 黄糖豆浆500ml
1 packet honey cincao / black jelly 蜜糖凉粉一包
6 pandan leaves 香兰叶六瓣
1 mooncake mould (from bakery store) 四合一传统月饼模一个

The various mould I used, bought from a local bakery store.

For Variation:

• Orange Flavor - replace the soy milk with equal amount of fresh orange juice. You may want to add some sugar (50-100gm) if you prefer it sweeter.
橙汁味 - 用同等的分量橙汁代替豆浆,可另外加糖。

• Kiwi Flavor - replace the soy milk with equal amount of fresh kiwi juice. You may want to add some sugar (50-100gm) as this is sourish. 
奇异果味 - 用同等的分量奇异果汁代替豆浆,嗜甜的话可另外加糖。

The Making:
1. Cut the pandan leaves. Add a teaspoon of water and extract the juice using mortar and pestle or juice extractor. You should need about 3-4 teaspoons of pandan juice. 

2. Cut the cincao into cube of 2"x2" each, or 2"x1" if you are using smaller mould, set aside. 
把凉粉切成2”x2”或 2"x1" 形状,质一旁待用。

3. Mix soy milk and instant jelly powder in a pot, bring to boil while stirring slowly. Add the pandan extract. 

4. Pour the jelly mixture into the mould till about 2cm height, put the mixture into the fridge for about 5 minutes till hardened slightly. 

5. Make a few small cuts on the jelly then place the cincao cube in the middle of the mould atop the hardened jelly; pour the remaining jelly mixture till full. If there's any air bubbles in the surface, remove it with a spoon. 

6. Let it in the fridge for at least another 30 minutes till fully firm before removing the jelly mooncakes from the mould. 

Serve chill, the mooncake is good for about 3 days.

Useful Tips 温馨叮咛:

• if you want the mooncake to have brighter green, add a drop of green food coloring into the jelly mixture. 如果要达到更艳丽的翡翠效果,可在啫喱液里加入一、两滴的绿色素。

• for larger batch, just increase the volume accordingly. However you may want to check the instruction on the jelly powder you used as the water consistency may differ. 欲制作双倍的月饼冻的话,材料依法加倍几客。

• if you are using unsweetened soy milk, add 100-200gm of sugar for better taste. 如果你采用无糖豆浆要添加100-200克的黄糖。

• making small cuts on the base jelly will help the both layers to stick together. You can make more layers as wish using same method. 在凝固的啫喱表面划小口有助上下层衔接,你可以用这个方法制造层叠效果。

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  1. Copying the reply to one of the reader here for benefit of everyone..
    You need to refer to the suggested water:powder ratio on the packaging of your instant jelly. In my case, the store made one suggest 10gm powder to 1 Liter water, but the bakery shop one 50gm powder to 1 Liter water.

    To ensure it sticks together, make small cuts on the bottom layer before you pour the top layer. Otherwise you will face the problem you mentioned below.