Thursday, November 12, 2015

My 1st Ever Cake Decoration Class!

Little C's 4th birthday is approaching so that means it is time for me to design a new birthday cake and dress for her again - this is a tradition I started since her first birthday and I intend to continue for as long as possible... 

Coincidently, my buddy Teng contacted me and asked if I'm interested to join the latest fondant cake decoration class that she will be hosting in her baking studio where students will be taught how to craft and decorate a bear figurine from scratch. So I thought why not give it a try, since I have never joined any cake / baking lesson despite I have been baking for like... 6 years?

So I signed up without any procrastination, and look what I've created.

A cute little pinky bear. 

Why pink? Because it's my little girl's favorite color and her favorite teddy bear is in the same shade of pink! Can't wait to show her this surprise... ❤️

I decorated my teddy on a dummy as her birthday is still a week away, so I will use this as a top layer for the real cake that I will bake later. That's why you would noticed I did not decorate the base layer like others did- will have to do that on the real cake.

Ops, where's the head?

The first time student.

With the very friendly instructor, V, who is a professional baker and cake decoration instructor specialised in fondant and gum paste. Just so you know, she conversed well in English and Mandarin.

Other students' creations. It's interesting to see others' design.  

Photo courtesy of De Little Baker

The cakes on the left and in the middle are by the instructor.

The class was really enjoyable and V was attentive to all questions asked (of which mostly came from me who had many failed trials in the past!! *blush*). 

There were only 4 students and all ingredients + equipments were provided except for the pizza cutter and modeling tools (but Teng kindly loaned me a unit). 

V explaining on different ingredients used, I have learnt something new that most online tutorials or books I've readnever taught  me. Many "now I see" moments, so I guess I shall do much better in my future cake designing.. *smile*

Teng, the amazing lady who runs this studio. The studio is brightly lighted and covered in banana yellow & white, providing a joyful & friendly ambience. 

To sum up what I've learnt in the 1-day class:
Proper technique when working with fondant
• how to properly cover the cake with buttercream & fondant and achieve smooth edges
• how to cover and decorate the cake board with ribbon
• Technique to make a bear figurine 

*noticed how I highlight the word properly? I have been making fondant cake but these are useful add-ons knowledge..

If you are interested to participate in other classes, be it baking or decorating for beginner, intermediate or advanced levels using buttercream or fondant of gum paste, or even holiday programme for your little ones, do check out De Little Baker's Facebook page and be updated on their upcoming courses!

De Little Baker Studio
No. 1-10, Jalan PJU 8/3, 
Damansara Perdana, 
47820 Petaling Jaya.

Finally, the completed birthday cake! Added pastel green leaves and more flowers, now it looks like the little bear is resting in a blossom garden...

Disclaimer: I was not paid nor given reward in any kind for writing this post, it is merely an honest sharing based on my experience as a first time baking student. Since I liked what I had experienced today I thought it's worth sharing with my friends and readers who too may share same interest. Signed up at your own risk.. *smile*


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