Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Easy Dory Fillet Pasta in Tomato Sauce 简易番茄汁鱼片意粉

Frozen Dory fish fillet is one of the regulars in my freezer. It can be kept frozen for about 3 months and defrost quickly within few minutes in a microwave. I often use dory fillet for a quick pasta, pizza or just a pan fried fillet meal.

On the other hand, pasta is a common dish we usually have for family meal or when good friends get-together. I like my pasta with rich tomato sauce instead of cream cheese which is often too creamy to my liking (and I find it fattening too :))

A simple pasta such as this one can be prepared within just 30 minutes, a perfect solution for a quick yet tasty meal.

It is not necessarily to stick to 1 type of pasta. You can substitute the spaghetti with other pasta of your choice such as linguini (flatten spaghetti), fettuccine (flat & wider pasta, some what like Chinese pan-mee) or vermicelli (thin pasta).

Preparation Time: 5 min
Cooking Time: 20 min
Serving for: 4 person

250g Spaghetti / Linguine pasta (1 packet)
1 tablespoon olive oil

For Pasta Sauce (B):
248g canned tomato puree (1 can)
2 cloves of garlic
1 piece frozen dory fish fillet (about 350g), defrost completely
1 palmful of fresh basil leaves, roughly chopped (you may use dill or dried basil)
Salt and pepper to taste

Step-by-Step Guides:

1. Seasoned the dory fish fillet by rubbing it with salt and half of the basil leaves. Set aside.

2. Cook a pot of water (just enough to cover the pasta), add in the pasta once the water boiled and let it cook according to the time indicated on the packet (usually between 10-13min).

3. Once cooked, drain the excess water using a strainer and add a spoon of olive oil and mix evenly. This is to prevent the pasta from sticking together.

4. Heat up olive oil in a frying pan, stir fry chopped garlic until fragrance. Add the dory fish and stir fry it for about 5 min. Using the spatula, roughly cut the fillet into chunk of 2" x 1" each.

5. Pour in the tomato puree, add salt and black pepper to taste; mix well. Close the lid, set to medium heat and let the sauce shimmer for 5min.

6. Add the cooked pasta into the pan, mix well and add the remaining basil leaves. Cook for about another 5min and your pasta is done!

To serve, sprinkle some fresh basil leaves onto the pasta as final touch. Pasta always taste best when serve hot. Bon appetite!

Useful Tips!

  • I usually keep a kitchen scissor only for cutting food such as meat, fish balls, pasta, vegetables, so it is easier for my little to feed himself. However, as he turned 3 years old I started to let him learn eating spaghetti the proper way, he likes to be treated like a "big boy".
  • If you do not want to use a microwave, just place the fish fillet on non-freezer compartment overnight and thaw it for about an hour before cooking.

Fresh basil leaves in the garden, they look good and come handy too. These little plants needs lots of sun light.

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