Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teriyaki Chicken Fillet and Avocado Sandwich 鸡柳牛油果三文治

I had an avocado chicken burger at a popular cafe in town recently and I regretted my choice; the burger was dry and the patty was plain and flaky. Having paid RM24 for that burger, I was disappointed with what I've got. So, on the next day, I bought some fresh chicken fillet and decided to make a tender and juicy chicken burger (well, I made sandwich instead). With same amount I paid for the individual meal, I made enough to feed 4 person!

Ethan loved the sandwich, after 2 big bites he told me "hmmm mommy, this is delicious!". He then finished his sandwich effortlessly by himself. He even ate up the extra fillet on the plate, so did my big guy. Do give this recipe a try as it is really easy. :)

Preparation Time: 35 min
Cooking Time: 15 min
Serving for: 4 sandwiches

8 pieces of chicken fillets, cleaned

Chicken Marinate (A):
4 table spoons of Teriyaki Sauce
1 tea spoon of Chinese Sao Xin wine 花雕绍兴酒 (skip for little one)
1 table spoon Paprika powder (optional, skip for little one)
a dash of of pepper
2 clove of garlic, chopped
Few drops of sesame oil

Sandwich ingredient (B):
1 Wholemeal loaf, cut into 8 thick slices
1 medium size avocado
8-12 leaves of lettuce
4 slice of natural cheddar cheese
1/2 Japanese cucumber, thinly sliced

Step-by-Step Guides:
1. Rub each fillet with a small amount of salt using your hand. Ensure the salt are evenly distributed.
2. Put all ingredient A in a bowl, add the chicken fillets and ensure they are thoroughly coated with the marinate.
3. Cover the marinated chicken fillet with a cling foam (or a plate) leave in fridge for about 30minutes.
4. Heat up 2 table spoons of olive oil in a non-stick frying pan, gently lay the chicken fillet one by one, make sure they do not overlap.
5. Cook each side for about 5 minutes, or until golden brown. Do not over cook as you want the fillet to be juicy and tender when eaten. Set aside the chicken fillets once done.

Assembling the sandwich..
6. Slit a ripe avocado half length wise, remove the core and scope out the flesh using a table spoon. Cut into big slices.
7. Arrange the lettuce, avocado, teriyaki chicken filets, cheese and sliced cucumbers on a bread loaf. Serve with ketchup or your favorite hot sauce.

Variation - Chicken Teriyaki Pocket
When serving for little ones, I would recommend to use round bun and only make an 2/3 opening cut, so the bun functions like a pocket for you to stuff the fillings. It's easier for the little hands to handle and definitely less clean up for mommies later :)

Useful Tips!
1. You can store the cooked chicken fillet for making wraps later. Refer to the wrap recipe for idea on how to make a toast wrap.
2. Remaining avocado can be used to make a cup of avocado smoothies, or mix with milk and feed to young baby.

The ingredients for the marinate.

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