Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chinese New Year Cookies Special

Since CNY is only a week away, I decided to bake some cookies to treat the guests who come to visit. As I have ordered some store made cookies I intend to bake a small volume this time. Using the easy butter cookies recipe, I managed to bake 3 different types of cookies with same dough base. Easy method for busy moms who love to bake :)

Cookies in A Jar. I made 1.5 jars of these using the same recipe.

The first tray of cookies waiting to enter the oven.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
I added 2 table spoons of cocoa powder into 1/2 of the dough and sprinkled a palmful of chocolate chips into the dough before mixing it well, freeze then cut.

Vanilla Almond Flakes Cookies
A teaspoon of almond flavor, mixed well, freeze then cut and added an almond flake atop each cookie.

Almond Nibs Cookies
I added the almond nibs into the dough and mixed well, freeze, cut and top with more almond nibs.

As you may have noticed, only simple shapes were used here for easy storage. I actually prepared the dough a night earlier, packed them in cling foam and freeze them over night. The next day, my little boy helped me in the cookies cutting and decorating. He took pride in helping up and proudly told his daddy that he and mommy made the cookies together :)

In fact, he liked the cookies so much that he ate 8 right after the cookies were left cooled on the rack, I had to stop him from grabbing more!

For those who celebrates Chinese New Year, happy preparing and may you find fun with some cooking and baking in the kitchen too :)

Useful Tips:
Cut a small piece of the baking sheet and add onto the lid of your cookies jar, this will ensure the cookies remain crunchy when consume later. Alternatively, if you are using a cookies tin, would recommend you to seal the tin until its ready for consumption.

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