Friday, February 1, 2013

Treasure Island Dinner

Tonight I'm only cooking for 3, so nothing elaborate, just a really simple 1 dish dinner.

In order to make it interesting, I made some arrangement to the presentation and named it Treasure Island. My little boy was so into it that he declared he's going to eat up all the treasure. And he surely did. :)

He said it was "doubly nice", and gave me a thumb up. Lol.

Honestly, it's just normal rice with stir fried vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage) and punter fish, with some scrambled eggs, but the presentation certainly gave it some extra points. ;)

How to prepare? You may refer to the previous post on the Rainbow Rice recipe.


After. A bowlful of goodness.

Mommy had a delicious treasure island too :)

Happy dining!

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