Friday, November 22, 2013

Monster Eyes Cookies 可爱单眼小饼干

My little ones are big fans of chocolate cookies, they chomped down quite some chunky Cookie Time cookies when we were traveling in NZ.

Since baking cookies only takes approximate 30 minutes (plus additional 15min for cleaning up), I don't mind to bake them cookies frequently;  no preservative and low sugar content, so better than store bought all the time. I bought a fabulous bilingual recipe book from the recent Popular book fair, The Secret of Cookies, 告诉你,饼干の秘密, it's a real keeper.

Modified based on one of the recipes, I made these Monster Eyes cookies. Perfect for snack time with my duo, or even for party. The little friends can have some good fun playing with these  monster eyes. @•@

The monstrous eyes and some snow ball cookies (soft some icing sugar once cookies are cool)

All packed and waiting to be eaten :)

These are the first version I made, simple button cookies, rolled into small balls then pressed using the back of a fork. Pretty and tasty none the less.

Preparation Time: 30 min
Cooking Time: 15 min
Serving for: 30 pieces (size of an old 50 cents coin)


Ingredient A:
95g unsalted butter, cut into cubes at room temperature  
35g fine confectionary sugar

Ingredient B:
110g cake flour (or super fine flour)
15g cocoa powder
2 tablespoon of almond nibs

30 chocolate chips

The Making:
1. In a medium bowl, mix the butter with sugar, beat until the mixture becomes creamy. I usually do manual mixing for cookies since there is no need for vigorous beating.

2. Sift the cake flour into ingredient A and mix well until it forms a course dough.

3. Separate the dough into half, and add  cocoa powder into the second bowl and continue to mix using a spatula until color are well blended.

4. Using a rolling pin, roll the cocoa dough into long rectangular shape. Place the dough onto a cling form over the kitchen worktop.

5. Using your hands, roll the other dough into long cylinder, and place it in the middle of the cocoa dough, wrap the cocoa dough around it to form a Swiss roll shape.

6. Wrap the cling form around the dough, let it chill in the freezer for about 15 minutes. This will allow the dough to firm up hence easier for cutting / shaping.

7. Preheat the oven to 180°c, lay a non stick parchment over the baking tray. 

8. Cut the dough into individual slices approximate 1" thick, then press 1 Choco chip into the center of each slice, this will be the pupil. Lay them flat on the baking tray with about 2cm apart, the cookies will expand lightly when baking.

9. Bake the dough for 15-18 minutes. The cookies may be slight soft when done, but once cool, they will be hard and crunchy.

Now you may admire, play and eat your monster eyes! Keep them in an air tight jar and they shall last for a week (mine had never last more than 3 days..)

• I hate cookie crumbs on my sofa, so I made them into bite size to avoid having crumbs all over the house. You may devied the size but do keep the thickness (or you will have to adjust the baking time).

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