Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! Let's celebrate with good food

We invited our extended family to come over for Christmas dinner without knowing what we want to cook exactly (daring huh..). After the morning service at church and spending few hours at Pavilion, one of the most popular shopping malls in town well-known for its grand Christmas decor, I made a quick plan of what to cook and got the ingredients right before heading home.

Christmas dinner ready just in time before the guest arrived..

I wanted to add some Christmasty feel to the meal this time instead of the ordinary stuff, so I made these...

Pull-away Pizza Christmas Tree!

We have a 6" tall Christmas tree in the house and a miniature one on our dinning table. It's made of few circular pizza doughs, topped with loads of tomato purée, pepperoni, white mushrooms, macaroni & cheddar cheese and fresh basil leaves. To serve, just tear off and pop right into the mouth!

The preparation is really really simple...

Happily pulling away...

The recipe for this homemade pizza is available here. Only different was that I used my Panasonic bread maker to make the pizza dough this time which saved me a lot of time. The basil leaves were added after the pizza was done so they retain the greenish look. You may read the machine review here in case you are considering to get one...

Non-Baked Very Berry Cheesecakes!

We had some fresh strawberries and blueberries at home, so what's more perfect than making some cup-size cheesecakes that are pretty and delicious at the same time..

Served chilled...

And I do have a cheesecake recipe ready for sharing, here you go... non-bake cheesecake, instead of mango just top with fresh blueberries and strawberries.

I even added some berries underneath the cheese layer to make them really berry-merry. You may want to prepare this at least 4 hours before meal time for it to be fully chilled.

Crispy Bacons & Green Peas Macaroni!

The kid's favorite. Some how cheese, macaroni and bacons always work with the kiddos.

Well, although its not cooked by me this time, I do have the Mac 'n Cheese recipe for sharing, click here to find out..

And there's more good food... my mom-in-law's famous Siew Yuk! (non halal, pardon me..)

Roast Whole Chicken
The roast chicken was served with mouth homemade cranberry jam, all homemade by my sis-in-law who's great with food.

A similar Rosemary roast chicken recipe was shared 2 Christmas ago, you may find it here.

So good... So share...

With that, we had a peaceful and joyous dinner follow by gift unwrapping and chit chatting accompanied by the soft playing of Christmas songs by our favorite band -- The Piano Guys. 

Hope you have a good Christmas with your loved ones too. 

Merry Christmas! XOXO

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