Monday, May 25, 2015

Rolled Eggs & Ham

This is one easy breakfast and it's even suitable for lunch box, you shall try this if your kids love cheese or ham, or both. :)

I wish I have better pictures to share, but the kids started grabbing and eating before I could snap any picture... 

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 8 minutes
Make 3 egg rolls of 7" long each

• 100gm hams of your choice, cut to about 2mm each
• 1 slice cheddar cheese, cut into 3 strips of equal size
• 4 medium eggs, beaten
• few fresh basil leaves, chopped  
• 1 tablespoon fresh milk
• a dash of pepper

The Making:
1. Heat up pan, add a slice a bacon to lightly cook on both side for about 10 seconds then set aside. The bacon will coat the pan with oil so there is no need for additional cooking oil.

2. Add milk, basil leaves and pepper into the egg, beat to mix well and add one large scope into the hot pan. Spread out to form a perfect circle.

3. Place the bacon over the egg omelette, and a slice of cheese in the middle. Using the spatula and a spoon/chopsticks, slowly roll the omelette from one end to the other. In the half way while rolling up, I added half a scope of egg omelette to make it into an oblong shape instead of circle, this makes a bigger egg roll.

4. Cook the remaining egg omelette rolls using step 1-3 and cut into thick slices of about 1.5" each only when they have cold down (it will crack easily if cut when hot)

Serve with your favourite sauce or just eat directly, either way they are delicious.. 

Meat Free Version
Not a meat lover? Just replaced ham with carrots, potatoes and raisins, and you have one healthy vegetarian meal. You can even add a seaweed sheet. Seen here, I used purple carrots so the rolls looked kind of mouldy. LOL.

Sweat free breakfast that anyone can make.. Enjoy!

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