Wednesday, May 13, 2015

12 Simple Party Food for Little Ones (and Big Ones too!)

The little ones love party (who doesn't?!). I often invite closed friends and family to come for gathering. Considering I only have myself and the duo, I have to resort to quick and simple party food (I am not too fancy of ordering take away).

I have combed through the party food I had prepared in the past and sharing the top 12 with you here. Most of them require only 15-30 minutes of preparation time, except some that require longer baking time.

So here's the Top 12 Party Food List, there shall at least be one that suits your little ones... 

Main Dish
Something to fill the tummy....

Finger Food
Something fun and bite size...

Cookies & Cakes
Something cute and perfect for give-away...

Something yummilicious and keep you cool!

Enjoy & feel free let me know which is your favourite! ;)

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