Saturday, November 10, 2012

Real Happy Meals 开心营养餐

Every weekend, I try to prepare fun happy meal for my little boy for breakfast, this is to make up for all the rush breakfast on weekday mornings. Instead of taking him to McDonald's for the over commercialized Happy Meal, I thought it would be healthier and more fun to make the real happy meal at home. Using simple, fresh ingredients, each happy meal below can be prepared between 5 to 30 minutes depends on the level of complexity and my mood on that day.

Some suggestive tools for food decoration:
  • Essentially, what you really need is just a pair of knife, a spoon and your hands for the food arrangement

  • Cookie cutters of various shapes to cut the sandwich breads (available in most bakery supplies shops, home furnishing stores like IKEA, Aino kitchen has variety of choices too)

  • Cute animal food picks for decoration (really optional but good visual effect and highly reusable)

  • No need for fancy bowls and cutlery, just a plain BPA grade plastic plate for serving. Remember the attention should be the food, not the fancy colorful plate. ;)

  • I'm not into Japanese bento meal, so what I had here are really nothing fancy compared to those super kawaii bento, but just down to earth food to spice up our weekends :)

    Happy Meal #1 - Strawberry Flowers
    Strawberries, kiwi, yogurt and organic alphabet cereals

    Happy Meal #2 - Happy Morning!
    It's a beautiful sunny Saturday, we started the day with cheesy sunflower and raisin butterflies..

    Happy Meal #3 - The Happy Cereal Boy
    Apple dipped in yogurt, prunes, raisins, cereals

    Happy Meal #4 - The Happy Rice Face
    Rice served with veggies and grilled salmon

    Happy Meal #5 - The Fruity Cars
    Apples,Cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber with veggie patty (refer here for veggie patty recipe

    Happy Meal #6 - Mr Bunny Face
    Instead of plain looking chicken rice, this will definitely spice up the appetite. Well, it worked for my Ethan, he actually ate up all by himself and asked me for more >:)

    Happy Meal #7 - Little Bears under Blueberries Rain
    Ethan decided to eat up all the blueberry raindrops first :)

    Happy Meal #8 - Happy Fish Sandwich
    Toasted wholemeal sandwich served with green apples and wholemeal cheerios. Those colorful flowers are marshmallows from grandma :)

    Happy Meal #9 - Geometry Castle
    Geometry Castle guarded by all the little animals, Ethan really loved this set and he insisted he must not eat the the sun as there is only 1 sun, once he ate there's no more. LOL, love his creative thought!

    Happy Meal #10 - Happy Sailing!
    Little animals sail the sea in their papaya boat. Noticed the strawberries lifesavers?

    Ethan can't wait to lay his hand on the papayas, I had to quickly snap this pic before I can hold him any longer..

    Happy Meal #11 - To The Sea!
    Little animal friends sail the rowdy sea of apples! Those tiny cheese fish biscuits contain natural coloring (as stated on the packaging) and the sail boat is just a slice of sandwich cut into uneven triangle shapes. I got my boy to help toasting the bread and spreading the jam this time, he was really excited to help up & told me his sandwich is yummy.. :)

    Happy Meal #12 - Banana Island
    All you need is really just the bananas... (this was an ad-hoc job while we were on a visit, so pardon the plain look!).

    As I'm preparing the Happy Meal only on weekends or when I'm off work, do look up for this post for updates from time to time :)

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    1. You are really creative !! totally awe :D

      1. Thanks Eileen Elena, just small effort to kick start the day with a good mood. :)