Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Real Happy Meals 2: See The World 开心营养餐-小动物游世界

The Happy Meals post had reached 12 collections, so I thought it's about time to create a new post on the next collection of homemade happy meals. This time, I'm giving it a theme - Little Animals See The World. I have no concrete plan in mind so let's see if I can really create up to 10 sets of happy meals with this theme :)

Little Animals See the World

8th Stop, Sailed the Sea!
Little Animal friends sailed the sea in their strawberries boats, conquering theountains of wholemeal and raisin toasts!

7th Stop, The Magical Forest 
Little animals played hide and seek in the forest, can you see where they are hiding? 

It's really just a simple sandwiched bread with homemade jam (for the tree trunk) and slices of apples & pears for the leaves. Little wholemeal Cherios to resemble the fruits. :)

6th journey, Board the Train 
Little animals are on the journey again, this time they go by the train. Choo Choo!!

Note: the train is made of 1 piece sandwich bread cut into 6 rectangles with some sunflower seeds on top. The wheels are made of dried blueberries and I used almonds and macadamia nuts as the goods. My little boy really enjoyed his breakfast.. :)

5th stop, In the Aquaria
In the aquaria, seeing beautiful jelly fishes (cherries**) and little fish playing around the corals (cheese crackers)..

** If serving for kids under 4, you must cut the cherries into halves or smaller size and remove the core to avoid chocking.

4th stop, go kiting! 
It's a beautiful windy day do the little animals decided to play kites :)

3rd stop, the Golden Gate Bridge
Little animals sailed the sea again to San Francisco! Ethan knew this famous structure through Little Einstein series so he recognized it right away... Half way eating he started singing "London Bridge is falling down" and built this one-like bridge instead (as he called it)... :)



2nd stop, The Golden Pyramid at Egypt
Little animals ventured to Egypt where they sailed the Nile river and climbed up the Golden Pyramid.. Ethan helped to build the mini pyramid too :)

1st Stop, Petronas Twin Tower
All journey begins from homeland, isn't it? The Twin Towers, surrounded by KL convention center, a mosque (those are mini red bean paste buns) and a fountain in the central park. Little fish were added on Ethan's request. :)

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