Friday, November 9, 2012

Homemade Rolled Sushi 简易手卷寿司

Hub and I are both sushi lovers, I especially love mine with lots of wasabi :) My little boy enjoys sushi too as the rice are usually soft and easy to eat. Having 2 little ones now, sometimes we prefer dining at home than going out (the trouble of having to bring so many things...) So, since I knew this will probably be one of those days that we will be lazy to go out for dinner yet I'm craving for sushi, I decided to get all the ingredients needed for making sushi when doing my grocery shopping in the afternoon.

So, all of us had a big plate of nice Japanese sushi served at the comfort of our home that night, with a pot of hot Chinese tea. It was a peaceful and cozy dinner with my baby girl freely exploring at the play area right next our dining table.

Homemade Hand-rolled Sushi platter

Homemade Hand-rolled Sushi platter again

Grilled Salmon Bean curb with a dash of homemade anchovy powder (I made that for baby's porridge, you may refer to to recipe here on making the anchovy powder)

Grilled Salmon rolled sushi & Sausage rolled sushi

Here's how you do it..

Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Serving: 3 seaweed sushi rolls and 3 sweet bean curbs sushi

2 cups of calrose rice (pearl rice, 珍珠米, or use normal rice if you do not have this), soak in water for about 30 minutes and cooked as normal, let cold in a tray once done.
3 table spoons of Japanese rice wine 日本寿司醋
3 sheets of square seaweed sheet
1 block salmon (about 250g), seasoned with salt (can substitute with canned tuna flakes too)
1 piece of sausage
1 Japanese cucumber, cut into long stripes of 1.5cm thickness
1 ripe avocado, cut into long stripes of 1.5cm thickness
2 eggs, beaten and seasoned with 1 teaspoon of Japanese soy sauce
2 teaspoons of black sesame seed (I used organic sesame seeds)

These are the ingredients... ready to roll!

Equipment Needed:
A bamboo sheet for rolling the sushi
A bowl of clean water to wash your fingers (the rice can be sticky)

The Methods:
For the Rice
1. In a shallow tray (I used glass baking tray), spread out the cooked rice and gradually add the rice wine into the rice. Mix eventually using a spatula and set aside.

For the Fillings
2. Heat up some oil in the frying pan, cook the salmon on medium heat approximately 3 minutes on each side until it turns light brown. Cook the sausage and beaten eggs.

3. Cut all item in step 2 into long stripes, set aside.

4. Lay a piece of the seaweed sheet onto the bamboo sheet (shiny side face downwards), drop a big scoop of rice onto the seaweed sheet and spread them out evenly.sprinkle with some black sesame seeds on top.

5. Arrange the salmon, eggs, cut cucumber and avocado in the middle. Don't put too much as it can be difficult to roll.

6. Lift the edge of the bamboo sheet and begin rolling the seaweed into a cylinder shape, pull the bamboo sheet lightly to tighten up the sushi roll. You should get a nice firm sushi roll like the one here.

7. Using a clean knife, cut the sushi roll in half then into smaller pieces. Wipe clean the knife after each cut. Make sure you trim the edge for better presentation.

8. Repeat same step but this time using sausage instead of salmon for variety of taste.

Serve the sushi right away with wasabi and Japanese soy sauce, and they were Yummy...!

My big guy was pleasantly surprised when he saw the sushi platter, little did he knew that this was not as difficult as it may seem. :)

Happy rolling!

Useful Tips to consider!

  • If your little one dislikes seaweed, serve the sushi in sweet bean curbs instead. You can buy the ready made from most supermarket like Jusco, Mercato.. My little loved his sushi and finished 2 rolls all by himself.
  • Have everything ready before you start rolling the sushi. Prepare a bowl of clean water next to you, wet your fingers before you work on the rice so it will not stick to your fingers.
  • Add a dash of anchovy powder for the added aroma and natural saltiness, you may refer to to recipe here.
  • Before cooking the calrose rice, soak them in water for about 30 minutes so the rice will turn out nice and soft. This was the rice I used.

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