Saturday, June 23, 2012

Egg Sausage Breakfast Roll with Fruits

Both my big guy and Ethan love eating sausages, not being a meat lover myself, I always try to add greens and fruits into the meals for a more healthy serving.

As ready packed sausages selling at the supermarket often contain more fats and intestine, I would prefer to buy gourmet sausage from the specialized store, the ratio of meat to fats / intestine are generally lower. (they are generally available in meat section in most super market, otherwise my favorite is Sanbantou in SS2, it's non-halal store).

Interesting fact: the word sausage is derived fromOld French word saussiche and Latin word solsus, where both means, salted. :)

Preparation Time: 30 min
Cooking Time: 10 min
Serving for: 2 Person
Suitable for: 2 Years+

4 Gourmet Sausages, room temperature
4 Breakfast Roll (available from any bakery store)
8 salad leaves (lettuce, butterhead)
2 Eggs
2 table spoon of fresh milk (optional)
1 Red Apple, cut to 8 slices
8 Strawberries, cut half

Equipment Required:
1. Frying Pan

Step-by-Step Guides:
1. Slits 3 cuts on both sides of the sausages (about 2" long, this is to prevent the sausage from ballooning up while cooking then shrinks suddenly once it's removed from the pan).
2. Pan fry the sausage until well cook - approximate 3 minutes on each side. Cut the sausage into half.
3. Beat the eggs in a bowl, add the milk, then salt and pepper to taste.
4. Heat up olive oil on the frying pan, pour few spoonful of egg liquid on the frying pan, fold the egg into a rectangular shape using the spatula. Make 4 fried eggs. Set aside.
5. Slits the breakfast roll from the center (do not cut completely), spread with some butter on each side. Spread the salad leaves, follow by sausage and egg.

To serve, squeeze some mayonnaise or ketchup on top. Arrange the apples and strawberries on the side of the plate as deco. With 1 apple slice & 2 strawberries slice you can get a fruity butterfly pattern :)

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