Sunday, June 24, 2012

Toasted Tomato Egg Breakfast Wrap 蕃茄鸡蛋腌肉卷

This is similar with a previous post on veggies wrap, but this is a salty version with added hams. It's a filling breakfast that whole family can enjoy together. Little Ethan loves the ham, he calls it the "crunchy crunchy one". Serve with with fresh fruits and veggies will balance out the saltiness of the ham.

For a vegetarian version, just replace the ham with cheddar cheese slice. Taste great too ;)

Preparation Time: 15 min
Cooking Time: 6 min
Serving for: 2 Wraps

For Filling (A):
2 Eggs
1/2 Tomato, finely chopped
1/2 Onion, finely chopped
Dash of salt & black pepper

50g Sliced Ham, room temperature

For Wrap:
2 pieces of Wholemeal Wraps

Step-by-Step Guides:
1. Preheat oven at 160C/180C (gas/fan).
2. Mix all ingredient A in a bowl, that's your egg mix.
3. In a frying pan, heat up a spoonful of olive oil, pour in the egg mix and form a big circle. Cook well and set it aside.
4. Put the ham in microwave oven, cook on high heat for 3 minutes (I use pork loin instead).
5. Spread out wrap on a plate, arrange a layer of egg (half) follow by the ham. Wrap up neatly like how you fold an envelope. Place the wrap on a baking tray.
6. Toast the wrap in the preheat oven for 6 min-8 min until crispy.

To serve, cut the wrap in half. Arrange with yogurt and cut fruits of your choice (optional)

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