Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rainbow Rice with Fish Nuggets 彩虹饭

Wouldn't it be nice to have your little ones running to the dinning table for dinner instead of having to drag them to take the meals, or having to keep reminding them to eat the food?

That was what happened when I told Ethan we are having Rainbow Rice for dinner. He rushed to the dinning table and offered to open up all the covers for me to reveal the rainbow rice underneath. He then happily ate his meal and kept telling daddy that rainbow rice will make him strong (coincidentally he was wearing a super hero pajamas, haha)

The Rainbow Rice set, with the bowl/cover on (it keeps the rice warm)

Ta da..

Ok, I admit, technically this is not a rainbow rice as it only had orange and red in between, but it's the idea that made it fun and exciting. So who cares if some colors are missing? *wink*

The fish nuggets were slightly burnt as I was using induction cooker for the first time (out of gas, how careless!), yet to learn to master the temperature control.

Anyway, here's the adult's portion. I served mine with extra hot sauce, yum...

This is really a simple trick to make the dinner interesting for any little ones and a pleasure sight for not-so-little-ones too. You may call this food art, food porn, play with food or whatever, I'm just happy to see my boy enjoying his meal with a big smile throughout the dinner.

Interested to cook this at home? Refer to the fish nuggets recipe here and the sauté vegetables recipe here.

For tonight, I used diced carrots, pumpkins and red bell peppers, could have added some greens but I was really short of time. Only took 30min to prepare this meal with my baby girl playing nearby. Anyway, my little boy happily finished up his portion (except some rice left), that made me one happy mommy. :)

Happy cooking peeps!

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