Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Meals for Happy Tods 开心早餐

I love making simple breakies for my little ones on weekends, where I don't have to rush to work and they have off day from the preschool too. I tried to use healthy simple ingredients where possible and so far, these happy meals never fails to bring a joyous morning to us. :)

After my baby girl passed 18 months old, she get enjoy the pretty meal with her brother too.

This is a spin off from the previous post on Real Happy Meals which had expanded more than a dozen collections. Hope they bring some inspirations to you too :)

The Yellow Vroom Vroom Car
A multi color fruit platters to give the extra vitamin booster to my little boy. Banana, purple & green grapes and orange, all natural & under 5 minutes!

Hello Butterflies
A simple fruit platters to cheer up my little girl. Raisins, purple & green grapes and orange, all natural & under 5 minutes!

Hello Kittens!
The little happy kittens, made of fresh apple and dried apricot. Perfect to start a happy weekend!

Happy Chic Chic Family
Just pears, raisins and organic square cereal. Enough to cheer up my crying little girl.

Little Butterflies, again
Butterflies of guava and organic prunes. Took only 2 minutes to prepare.. Little ones love all sort of fruits but today I choose guava instead as my little captain suffered diarrhea recently and guava is said to be effective in reducing symptom of diarrhea.

Little Butterflies
Pear-ly butterflies and apricot flower for a beautiful Sunday.. excellent source of fiber and vitamin to kick start the day. Coupled with a big cup of fresh milk, just perfect!

Sail Away
Come sail with me on my potato chips under the mashmallow stars. The food art by my little Captain :)

Happy Snowmen
One apple, few dried blueberries and some puff puff stars, and Ta-da, the happy snowmen are born!

Five Little Ducks
Using banana, dried apricot & blueberries, small marshmallows and some star shape cereal, little one and I  created this happy meal together. The siblings were happily singing away before they ate their breakfast. :)

Under The Sea
Let's have an apple crab and Oreo sea monsters for breakfast, shall we? :)

Little House on the Sunny Hill
One bread wonder.. Wholemeal sandwich bread, apricot sun, marshmallow clouds, pear hills & some nuts and raisins. 

Spot the Odd One!
Triangular fish swimming about the deep sea corals, can you spot which of them is the odd one out?

Fish are made up of cheese sandwich with prune tails; whole meal Cherios as eyes and bubbles; fresh celery as corals.

In the Dinosaur Land I received some really cute Dino cookie cutters as Xmas gift last year, it was sold by the National History Museum of London. I have not made cookies for a while but I can certainly make some Dino french toast of my little ones. :)

Simpler version for my baby girl. Prunes, banana, cheddar cheese and French toast (hidden beneath the cheese)

The real dinosaur land for my little captain, with a giant coconut tree and a cheesy sun :)

Both of them happily chewed away their breakfast, only few slices of prunes left, I guess they must be really full!

Under The Sea
Little sea creatures.. We have happy crabs (homemade cheese nuggets), giant fish (apple) and a school of rectangular sea creatures (French toast), served with a dish of pumpkin purée as the dipping sauce.

My little boy said: "mommy this is not a fish, there is no fins!". Well he is technically correct :P

Here's the recipe for making the little nuggets.

Crazy Hair Bubu day
Little round face Bubu (cheesy French toast) has crazy curly hair made of scrambled eggs. He wears a green tie (green apples) and loves to hug.

Happy Meal time is a good story telling time :)

Watch Out for the Ambulance!
little ambulance made of French toast and banana is roaming around town, watch out for that coconut tree!!

Simple light breakfast for my little handsome, baby girl got a little "coconut tree" for breakfast too :)

Fruity Rainbow
Start the day with a colorful rainbow made of fresh prunes, apples, banana and raisins. This colorful serving is going to spice up your little ones' morning. :)

A Walk In The Park
Beautiful autumn tree and tulip flowers makes of grapes and green apples; tiny butterflies and sun makes of cherios. Simple breakfast filled with love and balanced nutrient. There's a glass of fresh milk not in sight. :)

Music for the Soul
What about some tiny music notes and keyboards for breakfast? My duo absolutely love this happy meal made of wholemeal sandwich, cherios and raisins.

This is my personal favorite to-date!

Little Strawberries Trees
A garden of strawberries trees and tiny butterflies. Served with Greek yoghurt as dip. Simple, healthy breakfast to kick start the day!

Sweet & Cheesy Ladybirds 
Pretty ladybird made of strawberries and dried blueberries, served on cheddar cheese slice over butter cookies.

That's all for now peeps, more to come!


  1. I used to this, but my daughter seems to be critical on my creations. Ha ha ha, but she still eats them though. :)

    1. Haha, at least there is something to spice up the morning. ;-)

  2. Brilliant way to entice tots to eat fruits. I don't have a problem with my twin tots eating fruits but I have a challenge to get them to eat the usual meals and on the high chair.

    1. thanks kiddomom for stopping by.. They are mostly alright with their breakfast and thy love fruits, these are just some treats to start our weekends with fun :)