Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Combat the Haze! 向烟雾说不!

Weather has been bad lately, no thanks to the thick haze blowing up from our neighboring country. Many people around us as fall ill due to the dry and highly polluted air. :(

To combat the poor air quality, I had been busy making various juices and drinks for the family. So this post just sharing some of the suggestive drinks for immunity booster or nourishment supplement.

Manuka Honey with Lemon Juice 蜜糖柠檬

A true immunity drink, as Manuka honey is known as immunity booster and has anti-bacteria function that ease throat and skin problem, while lemon too is rich with vitamins. I made a bottle for each of us in the morning, even my 19 mo baby had a small bottle of this goodie drink.

Making this: Just mix about 4-5 table spoon of Manuka honey, 1/4 lemon juice in warm water for each serving. Reduce portion accordingly for younger ones.

Green Beans with Ginger and Brown Sugar 绿豆姜片汤

Green beans, a.k.a. mung beans, is a traditional Chinese dessert that my mom used to make to reduce our body heat on hot weather, it's also known for detox purpose. 

Making this: Boiled the beans with about 1L of water with ginger slices and brown sugars until it is soft and mushy. You may presoak the beans in water for 30 minutes or more to reduce the cooking time. I actually used a magic pot to shimmer it overnight (approximately 6 hours) and the texture is really soft.

However, do note that green bean is generally not recommended for young infant, elderly and women having the menstrual due to its "cooling"'property and may cause to diarrhea. Hence I only gave a few sips to my kiddos and shared this with  big guy and other family members.

Loh Hon Guo herbal drink 罗汉果蜜枣
I bought the prepacked herb drink from Yu Yan San (余仁生) where it contains multiple herbs in a single pack, that is aim to nourish, ease sore throat and dry cough. My little Captain was suffering from mild dry cough and coarse voice the night before, after consuming a bottle if this drink he actually got better!

Tip: if you kiddos do not like the slight bitter taste of this drink or dislike the color, try making it into jelly instead ;)

Making this: Use 1.5 Liter of water for 1 pack, boil on high heat for 10 minutes and reduce to low heat and shimmer for 30 min. However as I was using a magic pot,  I only boiled for 10 minutes on stove and let shimmered in the pot for 1 hour.

Fresh Fruits 
Serve all the high vitamins and anti-oxidant fruits at least twice a day, includes: kiwi, grapes, dragon fruits, oranges/grape fruits, green apples. 

Your body (and your kiddos) will thank you for feeding it all all these fresh fruits on harsh weather like this.

Fresh Fruits Smoothies
Little ones not keen on chewing all the fresh fruits? Try some smoothies instead!

On top of food & fruit intakes, don't forget to drink lots of water, increase vitamin supplement intake and wear a mask for protection when you or little ones are outdoor, check out the cloth masks I made for my duo here

That's all folks, stay safe & be strong!

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