Sunday, May 18, 2014

Omelette Waffle Sandwich, Perfect Breakfast!

Remember we made some chocolate chip waffles a week ago? This week we are making waffle again, but it's a level up - we made it into egg omelette waffle sandwich!

The big one loves it.

The small one couldn't resist too. 

However sad to say that my little girl doesn't like omelette so she just had her small square cut of waffle blocks. 

It only took 2-3 minutes before the omelette started screaming "Eat me! Eat me!". It expanded so much till we can see it flowing out from the side, and my little boy excitedly screaming "it escapes!!!". But the moment we opened the lid, it started shrinking and became 30% smaller. It's like magic to the little ones. :)

I added some fresh basil leaves in the omelette. One thing I really like to make the omelette this way? It requires NO oil and I have less utensil to wash! That is certainly a plus point for a busy mom without helper.

My little boy had fun assembling his waffle sandwich. He decided to add a slide of cheddar cheese and some ketchup.


Sandwich is never the same as before. :)

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