Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Meal: Smiley Face Series

Ethan received this smiley Food Face plate as early Christmas present from his favorite uncle living abroad. I saw this online a year ago but was not keen to get one as it is made of porcelain and I though that is too fragile for little ones. Well, now that we have got one, I can offer alternative option to little Ethan's weekend Happy Meal and since my little boy is much older now, let's hope he will not drop it.. *fingers crossed*

Since there are so many possible combinations to make with this plate, I shall be uploading more photos from time to one, so stay tuned ;)

Happy Mustache Man

Smiley man with curly hair (scallop noodles and stripes of fried eggs), brown mustache (sausage) and green collar T (broccoli).

With the same soup base (using only veggies and homemade anchovies powder), my 1yo baby girl had her share of this yummy meal too. Minus the sausage and eggs of course.

Refer here for the anchovies powder recipe.

Interested to get one for your little ones too? I was told quite a few kitchenware stores in KL carry this product, so here's how the packaging looks like. Good luck hunting!

Mrs Happy 
Meet Mrs Happy Food Face, she loves to smile and she has lots of jewelry.. ;)

Mr Happy Hawaiian 
Mr Happy with blond beard and a messy hair made of fried rice and raisins :)

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