Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve Get-together: Simple Home Cook

Finally Christmas is only a day away, and this time we invited my in-laws and family for Christmas eve dinner at our cozy home.

These are the meals served for tonight, all prepared within 3 hours as I was held back at work. I got to admit I amazed myself with my speed of cooking (yes, without any helps).

It certainly helped to have the cooking sequence pre-played in mind as I was driving home, and my recipes readily available in my own blog. So once reached home, I just defrost all the meat, fish, clean all the vegetables and start marinating them right away.

A close up of what I've cooked tonight...

The pan grilled teriyaki salmon fillet. Juicy and scrumptious, served with steamed sweet corns. You may refer to the recipe here. It's actually a really simple dish, all you need is fresh salmon fillet.

Dory Fillet Pasta in tomato sauce... Sprinkled with crispy bacon chips. I forgotten about the cheese, luckily grandpa aptly reminded during dinner so I added some shredded cheddar cheese later. Taste way nicer! You may refer to the recipe here

Next, my personal favorite, home made thin crust pizza, everything from scratch. I made 2 flavors - Bacon and Olive, and Vegetarian pizza with button mushrooms and bell pepper. I forgot to sprinkle some fresh basil leaves as I was too rush... Anyway, still taste good and was all eaten up :)

Recipe for the thin crust pizza available here, you may choose different variety of toppings according to your liking. After all once you know how to make the dough creating variety of toppings is the easy part.

Instead of roast turkey, we had roast whole chicken with rosemary and mixed veggies... I didn't take a close up picture for this dish, but no worries, recipe is also available here. I made some variation from the original recipe, where I sprinkled with paprika powder for the extra 'kick' to the taste buds and I stuffed a large lemon wedge into the chicken.

That's all for tonight's dinner... nothing fancy, just down to Earth home cook dishes. I wish I had time to make dessert but I am not magician after all, so we just had chocolates and fruit platter for dessert. It was a jolly good time and I'm just glad everyone, including my kiddos, enjoyed the food and companies.

Merry Christmas to all, may you haves blessed holiday season filled with joy and laughter.

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