Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cheesy Raspberries Toast 覆盆子奶酪烤土司

This is a really quick snack that is perfect for a lazy afternoon. I had been busy the whole morning, woke up early before everyone else, after caring for the duo I had been running between doctor visit (such a long wait!), car workshop and a brief meet up with my brother. By the time we reached home I was feeling really exhausted that all I wanted to do was to lie flat and sleep like a log. Unfortunately being a mom of 2 one just may not have full control of her time...

As my little boy usually has his snack in the afternoon, I knew his tummy will be rumbling if I don't gather myself up to prepare something for him. So I made this simple yet not less in nutrition snack for him.

These cheesy raspberry toasts, with cute little animal food picks that I bought from the Daiso chain store, were much liked by him.

This is so easy to prepare that no recipe is required. Just follow the pictures and you'll know how :)

We had our toasts served with coffee and warm milk for our little handsome, simple but satisfying snack that keep us kicking and happy :)


  • I invited my little boy to join me "to prepare something yummy" and he gladly accepted my invitation despite he was playing his PS3 games. Preparing food together is a good bonding time and little ones get to learn something useful and feel proud for being able to help. So, do consider to train your little man / little princes be your helper.

  • Trim the edges of the bread so the toast is softer to chew. I let my little boy used the plastic dough cutter to trim the edges so there's no fear of him cutting his own fingers. The trimmed edges were fed to the fish so nothing is wasted :)

  • I used almond nibs and dried raspberries for the filling, you can substitute with other dried fruits of your choice

  • You may noticed I used a rubber mat for the base. I bough it from IKEA for working with dough and fondant, but found that its really useful for sandwich cutting too. All the crumbs just fall within the big mat, no mess on the table top as I just have to fold up the mat and bring to basin for cleaning. Who likes a messy desktop after all? ;)
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