Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Steamed Egg With Milk and Pumpkins 鲜奶金瓜炖蛋

We got home late tonight but my little boy requested if he can have the steamed egg dessert. Since I had just bought a carton of fresh milk and some eggs, I agreed to making it with him. After all it only took us 20 minutes.

Using the same recipe for the Steamed Egg with Milk and Banana, I used chopped pumpkin cubes and substituted the castor sugar with 1 table spoon of organic raw sugar this time, and it tasted really delicious!

I forgot to warm up the milk before putting them into the steamer, so I steamed them for extra 5 minutes today. The texture of the steamed egg was so smooth that made me feel like a pro this time. >:)

If you managed to try out this recipe, feel free to drop me your photo and I'll upload onto my blog for reference by others..


  1. Hi can i omit sugar for my 10mo baby? Or is it fine to add a lil bit of sugar?

  2. Yes you may omit the sugar, the pumpkin itself is sweet. However do note that egg white is recommended for 12mo onward due to potential allergic reaction. If she had tried it before with no reaction then it's fine.