Sunday, March 3, 2013

Organic Alphabet Pasta with Goji Berries

Today's meal for Baby Claire - Organic alphabet pasta with celery, carrots, onions and goji berries cooked in anchovies soup.

Goji berries, 枸杞, also known as wolfberries, are high in antioxidant and is believe to be good for eye sights and brain development. I soaked them in water for about 5 minutes before cooking, just in case there is any coloring used in the making of the dried goji berries, this shall wash any residues away (I know some may think its totally unnecessary but I rather be safe than sorry...)

The berries have a soft texture after cooking and tasted tangy and sweet, so no resistant faced although this was the first time I introduced this to my 15 months old.

The preparation is simple, takes only about 20 minutes including all the washing and chopping.

2 palmful of organic alphabet pasta
10 goji berries
1 stalk celery
1/4 medium carrots
1/2 medium onions
1 tea spoon of homemade anchovies powder

Serving size: 2 feeding

1. Soak the goji berries in warm water for 5 minutes, set a side.

2. Cut the remaining vegetables into small cubes.

3. Cook the berries and vegetables in a pot of boiled water for 10 minutes. First 3 minutes of high heat and change to medium heat subsequently. Add a teaspoon of homemade anchovies powder and mix well.

4. Add 2 palmful of organic alphabet pasta, cook according to the time indicated on the packet (I cooked mine for 10 minutes).

Just that simple. Baby Claire loves her pasta and ate up most by herself. Now that she has good eye hands coordination, I started training her to self feed and she is making good progress thus far. Just need to make sure I have many bibs to standby and a wet hanky on stand by :) Needless to mention, I have to supervise her closely to avoid the possibility of chocking.

Personally I will not give the goji berries to my kiddos on regular basis, as it is a type of herbs so it is always safer to give in moderation to avoid long term side effect.


  1. Hi. May I know roughly how much of the pot water you put into it?

    1. Hi Valerie, should be just enough to cover all the pasta and veggie, then let it shimmer slowly until mostly dried up / soften.