Monday, September 30, 2013

Crabby Meal

When I'm out of idea on what to cook, fried rice is one of the usual that I fall back on. It's fast and nutrition pack with all the fresh ingredients used. For today, I used broccoli, carrots, onions, long beans, bacon, egg omelette and a dash of anchovies powder. Now you see why I said its nutrition packed? *wink*

To make it more exciting for my duo, I deployed the same tactic as rainbow rice today.. covered it using a bowl to let them explore what's underneath.

For my elder, I decorated it like a crab. Hence the name, crabby rice. He started by eating the limbs, then the eyes and finally the body. Chuckling all the way. :)

Good thing of using a bowl to cover up, it keeps the rice warm and you serve just the right amount of rice within a bowl.

My little girl had the same surprise too, she was actually screaming in joy as she lift up the cover, bringing joy to the little one can be this simple. :)

I added few drops of raisins as sweet treat.

Simple meal, but everyone was happy.

Have fun cooking! You may refer to the rainbow rice here


  1. may I know where to buy the kids plate and bowl that u are using, pls?

    1. Hi there, I couldn't recall where I purchased these as it was some times ago. However you can get a round plate in plain color when serving the food as it makes the food itself stands out. The little quadrangal bowl was purchased from Metrojaya if not mistaken.