Monday, September 16, 2013

Homemade Ice Skin Mooncakes 自制冰皮月饼,好过瘾

Mid Autumn festival is coming soon, and its only appropriate to celebrate it with family with some moon cakes, which symbolizes the full moon and the love for someone far away.

I know there are tons of mooncake choices in the malls, from modern ones  with tiramisu, chocolate, durian flavors to traditional ones with egg yolks, lotus paste and red bean paste... However I decided to make some at home this year for my little ones, so I can control the sweetness level and at the same time, ME get to have some fun making this all time favorite dessert. It is cheaper (way cheaper!) and I get to have a first hand experience on this while impressing my siblings, so why not?  *wink*

I have always like ice skin mooncakes as a child, so I decided to go for this non bake savory following Christine's recipe. She has a wide selection of mooncake recipes on her website, from ice skins to traditional, so really won't go wrong to go with her recipes!

The lovely mooncakes, freshly done.

I used lotus paste as filling, some has added melon seeds.

I used a traditional and a cute Mickey  moulds. 

The making was fun, took me about 1 hour to finish making the 14 mini mooncakes. Could have been better the next round.

Here is the Pandan Snowskin mooncake recipe I referred to, go and have a try.

Happy Mid Autumn to all!





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