Monday, September 16, 2013

Ham and Cheese Crepes 法式腌肉乳酪薄饼

It's crepeey breakfast time again, this time we have it differently - with ham & cheese, and banana raisins. Still yummy as ever. My little boy declared this is his best breakfast ever. He sure know how to make his mommy happy. :)

Crepe with Ham 'n Cheese, folded on corners, for my little handsome. A friend said this looks like Ham canai, I couldn't agree more as crepe is just a French version of thin pancake, while Canai is the Indian version of pancake. However, the texture is totally different though.

Half folded crepe for my big guy.

Banana & Raisin honey crepe for me, top with fruity honey. One of my personal favorites... You could have sprinkle with some confectionary sugar like the stores usually do, but I like mine this way.

My little girl had a smaller portion served with raisins and melon seeds. With a cup of milk, it's a yummy and healthy breakfast. :)

Making of this savory is easy:

Using the Stove
• Lay a slice of cheddar cheese with some shredded ham on top of the crepe.
• Cook on stove about few minutes till the cheese all melted. Use the spatula to fold the crepe.

Using the Microwave
• Lay a slice of cheddar cheese with some shredded ham on top of the crepe. 
• Cook it in an oven on high heat for 3 minutes.

Note: You may used an oven too, but I was lazy to turn on the oven just for few minutes of cooking, so I used the stove method. 


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