Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Mid Autume Festival 中秋愉快

It's Mid Autumn festival today, a day of family reunion. I made another batch of mini ice skin mooncakes this time to be given to both side of families, all using natural flavoring, with fresh Pandan juice and dragon fruit juice.

Look at the little peaches, 桃子月饼, not perfectly shape but I made them for the good meaning; peaches is a symbol of longevity to the Chinese.

I love the different combinations of moulds, perhaps I shall get more traditional moulds next year.

All packed, ready to be delivered as gift! 

Happy Mid Autume to all my friends!

The recipe is from Christine's kitchen, to make the dragon fruit flavors just replace the pandan juice in the recipe with same amount of sieved dragon fruit juice.



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