Wednesday, January 28, 2015

{Breadmaker} Almond Hokkaido Loaf Bread, Ultra Soft!

The kiddos had been begging for soft bread for them to pack to school past few days - I had been giving them cookies and cereals with fruits for thinking they may be tired of bread, apparently they didn't. :)

So I decided to try out another new recipe this time. Hokkaido bread, which is even softer in texture with the additional milk powder used. I knew it would be nice, but did not expect it to be this good. Absolutely store bake quality.

I used "Stuffed bread" recipe (menu 8 for Panasonic machine), but after the 55 minutes kneading, instead of taking the dough out for shaping / filling, I just let it stayed inside the pan, brush with some egg liquid and sprinkled with rich amount of almond flakes on top and continue baking.

The result? Ultra soft and fluffy bread,  like a feather-light pillow. 

A week later, I decided to make some sandwiches for lunch and this fluffy Hokkaido bread was the perfect choice. I replaced the almond flakes with organic sunflower and flaxseeds, making it a protein rich bread.

I had the crust layer, if only I managed to shot the middle layer to show how soft and fluffy they are. The kiddos even enjoy  eating the bread as is.

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Baking Time: 2 Hours 15 min
Serving size: 500gm loaf / 6-8 slices


• 215g organic bread flour / High protein flour 
• 1.5 tbsp / 12g milk powder
• 2 tbsp / 25g granulated or brown sugar
• 1/4 tablespoon salt
• 110ml water at 5c°(I just added some ice cubes)
• 30g unsalted butter
• 1/2 of a medium egg, beaten 
• 11/2 teaspoon instant dry yeast
• 30g chocolate chips / chunks 

For topping:
• 1/2 egg for brushing 
• 20g almond flakes 

The Method:
1. add all ingredient into bread pan, except yeast in the yeast dispenser.

2. Select menu "8" (for Panasonic BM) or Stuffed Bread recipe on your bread maker. Press "start".

3. When the dough is ready and you heard the beep beep sound (55  minutes later), open the lid (DO NOT PRESS STOP!), brush egg liquid onto the top of the dough, sprinkle with almond flakes. Then closes the lid and press "Start" to continue baking.

The second fermentation will begin and it shall take about 1h15m to complete. Let the bread cold on a rack for about 10-20min before consuming.



  1. Hi!! Thx for the lovely recipe shared. Tried to follow the recipe but the dough came out in chocolate toast.:) I guess the chocolate chips should be omitted yes?

    1. Hi, perhaps you may omit the chocolate chips, or change the crust to light instead of medium. I added them as my kids love chocolate flavor but the loaf taste good even without it.

  2. Ic, thx!! It's really soft! Been making it the 3rd round. Awesome!

    1. How have I overlooked your comment. Thanks & Glad you like it! :)