Sunday, January 11, 2015

{Birthday Special} The Lego Cake!

It's January 2015, which marks my 6th year of motherhood. This time 6 years ago I was heavily pregnant with a huge belly, counting days for my baby boy to pop up. How time flies.

Anyway, my eldest is turning 6 and I decided to make him a themed birthday cake with his favorite toy of all time... LEGO! He started with Duplo when he was 1yo and moved to Lego and finally addicted to Lego Technical now, I couldn't think of a theme better than Lego. 

It's a simple Madeira cake (essentially a moist lemon butter cake) molded into a Lego island, with captain E in the center. 

The happy Lego man. I molded the figurine by hand and used a spaghetti to hold the body parts in place, then painted the face with a brush and "super black" fondant coloring. I tried using Lego man jelly mold but the icing cracked. Lucky my handmade Lego man fondant figurine turned out ok.

I made these Lego blocks and figurine a day earlier so they will be dry and firm for assembling. I was playing with different arrangement possibilities on a baking sheet. You see, I made these blocks not knowing how the final cake design would be, so I needed to figure it out and I was finally satisfied with this rainbow color steps.

Preparing to ice the cake with my homemade buttercream and the basic gears. You may get the buttercream icing recipe HereIt's my failed-proof recipe.

The iced cake smoothen with a palette knife. This step is essential to ensure a smooth surface to lay the fondant on. I let it set in the fridge for about half an hour while I work on the fondant layer.
The fondant layer for the cake top layer using "avocado" green. I like my new rolling pin which is non sticky, designed for fondant decoration.

All packed in box, ready to go!

Fondant cake decoration really requires lots of practice and tools. I would suggest you take up a proper course if you want to start fondant decoration at home. As for me, I had many rounds of trials and errors and some good friends who had shared useful tips with me, for that I am gladful and hopefully I can continue to design more birthday cakes for myduo every year till they finally grow bored of it. :)

That's it, I gotta go as the birthday party is about to start soon. My handsome Lego fan is waiting.


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