Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Burger for Happy Tot 笑脸蛋堡包

It's a leisure morning, sun is shining bright and birds are chirping in the garden. So I thought, hmm, why not a happy burger for my little boy?

Here it is, the happy egg omelette burger for my happy tot.  Served with organic prunes (for the hair) and organic cherios (for eyes and body). I used two little chocolate chips for the pupils and Nuttela for the lips :)

To make the "eyes" stay in place, I cut a small hole using the tip of the knife before I stuffed the cherios in place.

The egg omelette is full of goodness. I added a palmful of cheddar cheese, chopped celery, capsicums, fresh herbs and a little fresh milk into 3 eggs; mixed well, melted a teaspoon of unsalted butter and cooked the egg mixture for 2 minutes each side, or until golden.

Omelette in the pan..

I sliced the buns in half (left the edge attached), melted some unsalted butter on the pan and toasted the bun faced down for about 30 seconds. This adds crunchiness and creamy buttery taste to the bun.

My baby girl couldn't wait to eat the happy burger.. I offered her some cut prunes and cherios. That made her one happy baby :)

The happy burger, up close.

The extra omelette were served to my big guy as breakfast :)

Happy weekend to all...

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