Thursday, July 11, 2013

Easy Party Food - Choco Fruitie Lollipop! 简易甜品- 可可水果棒棒糖

On the 15th Day of Chinese New Year, which also commonly known as Chap Goh Mei (which means the 15th Night), most Chinese families will gather together for a reunion dinner as tradition. It symbolizes the end of CNY and life is back to usual again.

We had an early gathering with both side families where everyone brough a dish for sharing. Due to the limited time I had (I was juggling between some errands, crafting and my 2 kids), I had to seek for something that is quick yet decent enough for the reunion. So I decided to makes some healthy homemade dessert that everyone, including my little boy, can enjoy too.

Here they are, took me only 30 minutes from preparation to completion. :)

Multi-flavoured Chocolate Coated Strawberries

Iced Sprinkle Choco Strawberries Lollipop.
This was the special treat for my little boy.

Chocolate Banana Sticks

They were a hit at the party. The moment I took them out from the fridge, all the lollis and sticks were grabbed by the young kids and adults alike. All gone within 5 minutes and still asked for more.

Interested to make some? here's how:


  • A dozen of fresh strawberries, cleaned

  • 4 medium size bananas, cut into small cylinder

  • 2 dozens of bamboo sticks

  • 200g-400g of baking chocolate depends on amount of fruits. I used mixture of unsweetened dark chocolate, mint flavoured chocolate and strawberries flavoured chocolate.

  • 2 table spoons of olive oil.

Step-By-Steps Guides:

  1. Put a clean baking sheet over a baking tray or big tray, get ready the sticks on side.

  2. Cut the baking chocolates into smaller cubes, put them in a heat resistance bowl and heat up in microwave for 3 minutes under high heat. Alternative, you can prepare them the traditional way, which is to melt the chocolate in a clean pot over a bowl of boiling water, the pot shall not touch the boiling water. However, as I said I had limited time, I took the easy way out..

  3. Remove the melted chocolate from microwave, add the olive oil and mix well. This is to avoid the chocolate from hardening or caking up which will make it difficult to coat evenly.

  4. Now here comes the fun part. Poke each cut fruits using the stick, dip it into the melted chocolate and coat them well using the help of a tea soon. Sprinkle with some iced sprinkles or almond chips as you wish.

  5. Repeat same step until you used up all the fruits. 

  6. Keep the ready lollis / sticks in the fridge for about 1 hour or 30 minutes in freezer compartment before serving.

Have fun!


  • Make sure you get ready the non-stick baking sheet. I left out this steps so the lolli stuck on the plate and I had no choice but serve them as is. Not as beautiful but still taste the same.
  • When serving for young kids, you may substitute fresh fruits with marshmallows too.

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