Sunday, July 21, 2013

Homemade Garlic Bread 香烤蒜粉面包

Garlic bread, hmmm.... I like! 

I love warm, fresh garlic breads that are filled with the the right balance of roasted garlic; just the right amount of butter, not too oily to the point it drips; fresh garlics are no-no as I do not like the pungent scent. I'm glad I have managed to make the garlic breads to my exact liking. Crunchy & aromatic in every bite. This will be a usual on our menu from now onwards, Ho Ho.. 


I used the garlic powder & anchovies powders I made for my baby meal, you can check out the methods here (garlic powder) and here(anchovies powder). Theses powders are ready handy to keep around the kitchen.

Preparation Time: 3 min 
Cooking Time: 3 min

6-8 soft round buns
Some butterSome garlic powder
Sone anchovies powder

The Making:
Slice the buns into half, spread of desired amount of butter over the bun, the sprinkle with some garlic powder and anchovies power. Press the bun face down onto a heated pan (no oil required), just grill the bread for about 2 minutes until it turns golden brown. Flip to the other side, grill or about 1 minute then turn odd the heat.

For the extra crunchiness, put them into the hot oven for about a minute (I had my stuffed tomatoes roasting in there). They will come out real crunchy!

The simple family brunch on a lazy Sunday.... My little boy took a bite of the garlic bread and instantly chewed up the whole slice. Ran over to hug me and said "I love you mommy". That feels good!

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