Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stir Fried Organic Soy Noodle

Ok, first of all let me clarify, this is not a new recipe, it's the exact same method with the stir fried spaghetti I posted last week but with different ingredients. I had only 30 minutes to prepare everything and serve before leaving the house, so this is a really quick serving but nonetheless healthy, as only fresh ingredients are used.

Here's the portion for my little boy, he finished the entire plate and asked for some to take away so he can eat more after his piano class. :)

The serving for 3 adults. My little girl was awake so I gave her a small bowl, she ate them all and kept saying "好吃" (delicious), well this is definitely more tasty compare to the salt-free porridge I usually serve her.

Refer to the recipe here,the only variation is I added fried omelette, replaced broccoli with French beans and added a small teaspoon of black soya sauce which is rather optional. Oh, and I sprinkles some garlic powder onto the noodle for added flavor too. 

Happy weekends everyone!

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