Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stir Fried Spaghetti with Dory Fillet

My little boy loves noodles and pasta, especially fried noodles. So i thought of cooking some stir fried pasta today since I only have less than 30 minutes to spare in the kitchen. In between cooking, I had to run out kitchen a few times to attend to the duo as they were asking to play bubbles, I am lucky that our kitchen oversees the backyard and the living hall, so I can keep an eye on them while cooking. Being a mom really requires a lot of multitasking, I feel like an octopus sometimes and I'm sure most moms feel the same! 

Here's the simple yet healthy family lunch.

The portion for my 19mo.. I cut everything into bite size. 

This is the first time I'm serving stir fried spaghetti to my sweetie pie, she seem to really enjoy her lunch, fed herself the entire plate of pasta without complaining. Proud of my little baby.. :) 

Preparation Time: 10 min
Cooking Time: 15 min
Serving for: 4 person

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1/2 onion, finely chopped
1/2 medium carrots, cut into long strips
1 cup of broccoli, cut into long strips
1 cup of cabbages, cut into thin long strips
1 cup salad leaves, cut into thick long strips
1/2 packets of spaghetti

A dash of salt & black pepper
A dash of basil or fresh basil leaves, chopped
A dash of paprika powder (optional)
A dash of Worcester sauce
1 table spoon of soya sauce
2 teaspoons of anchovies powder
A dash of sesame oil
1 cup of water (or vegetable stock if any)

Step-by-Step Guides:
1. Boil a pot of water, toss in the spaghetti once the water is boiling and cook for 6 minutes (or as per the time indicated on the packaging).

2. Drain the excess water on a colander, run them under tap water for a few seconds and add a table spoon of olive oil, mix well. This is to ensure the pasta don't stick together. Set aside.

3. While the spaghetti is cooking, heat up  
2 table spoon of olive oil, sauté the garlic follow by chopped onion, cook for fewseconds  until fragrance and the onion turns transparent. Toss in the remaining chopped vegetables. Add salt, black pepper and Worcester sauce to taste.

4. Add in the spaghetti, stir to mix well with the veggie, then add the water, soya sauce and sesame oil. Let it shimmer for another 5 minutes.

5. Sprinkles anchovies powder into the spaghetti, mix well and turn off the heat.

6. To serve the spaghetti, top it with some shredded cheese and fresh salad leaves. Guess what? My little boy who likes to eat noodles ran into the kitchen upon smelling it and requested to have a scoop instantly, and gave me a satisfying "hmmmm" sound. :)

You may drizzle with some lemon juice if you fancy the slight tangy taste, otherwise it's really really optional. ;)

Just A Note..
You may noticed I added more flavor and spices into this spaghetti compared to the usual baby food I prepared; reason #1 because I was serving it to the whole family, #2 since my girl is older and only having a small portion, I am taking it easy on her intake and will cut other down salt intake for the day. 

What about some Dory Fillet?
I added pan fried dory fillet for some crunchiness and extra nutrition. Just marinate the defrost fillet with some salt, black pepper and dried basil (rubbed with your hand is the best way to ensure the fillet is thoroughly coated).. Do make sure you absorb any excess water using a kitchen towel before marinating.

Pan fry the fillet with enough olive oil for 3 minutes on each side, the little ones will appreciate the crunchy fillet and in fact my little girl was grabbing them into her mouth by hand!

This is too simple that I don't think it justifies for a separate posting.. :)

That's all peep, easy peasy healthy meal for a lazy afternoon.

Bon appetite!

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